Welcome to Bioassays


BioAssays is a CRO (Contract Research Organization) focusing exclusively on R&D services to be effectively integrated in biomedicine and biotechnology research projects of academic laboratories and pharmaceutical companies.


Our scientific and technical team has extensive experience in developing and leading research projects to cover the initial steps of discovery, functional validation and compound screening projects in a reliable, reproducible, and cost-effective manner. BioAssays is your ideal and reliable innovation partner.


BioAssays provides a wide-ranging portfolio of services including:



Protein interactions

Protein interactions

Screening, Confirmation

and Functional Validation of

protein-protein interactions

Synthetic biology

Synthetic and Molecular Biology

Gene Expression and silencing plasmids.

Cell biology

Cell Biology

Cell Microscopy and FACS analysis

Specific applications

Applied Cell-Based Assays

Tailored and customizable

biochemical and cell based assays

as well as preclinical compound screening.

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