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BioAssays is a biotechnological platform focused on the research and development of innovative safe, reliable and fast diagnostic systems for viral infections.

BioAssays rely on an excellent team of scientific experts covering a wide range of disciplines in Molecular Biology and Biomedicine categories. Our extensive experience and scientific-technical skills and project management recognize us to address and develop ambitious research projects, both basic and applied. Currently, we are developing our own projects and in collaboration with entities of recognized prestige.

Simultaneously, at BioAssays we offer all our skills to biomedical and biotechnological research laboratories in public and private centres that require them. We provide you all our knowledge, expertise, facilities and technology to successfully complete the design, optimization and development of your research projects: based on our portfolio of services or tailored and customized research.

Likewise, our Comprehensive Quality Management System guarantees the rigorous execution of all our protocols and the comprehensive traceability of every project.


Our Research & Development Projects

In vitro diagnostics: SARS-CoV-2 (Covid19), HCV (Hepatitis C) & ZIKV (Zika)

In vitro diagnostic system for avian Metapneumovirus (aMPV)

Biotechnology: Hombiocat project

Prophylactic vaccines for African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV)


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Protein interaction
Screening and analysis of protein interactions

Coprecipitation, affinity chromatography, SPR (Biacore), yeast two-hybrid (Y2H), etc.

Molecular Biology
Genetics y proteomics

Gene subcloning, expression and purification of proteins, PCR, development of chimeras, mutagenesis, mini-libraries of mutants, cDNA or genomic DNA libraries, shRNA constructs, epigenetics, etc.

Cellular Biology
Cell culture and single cell assays

Microscopy: optical, confocal, real-time video recording, immunofluorescence, FRAP, FLIP, FRET & FLIM, transfection, gene silencing, toxicity analysis, flow cytometry, isolation and cell shorting, Mycoplasma detection, etc.

Specific applications
Tailor-made research

Cell signalling pathways, cell adhesion and migration, cytoskeleton remodelling, endocytosis and vesicle trafficking, post-translational modifications, viral infection assays, etc.




BioAssays is granted funding by the Community of Madrid to host its third Industrial PhD Project

12 December 2020

For the third consecutive year, BioAssays has passed the selection process of the Community of Madrid for the granting of companies hosting Industrial...


BioAssays is granted funding from “Torres-Quevedo” Program to hire a Biotech PhD

14 September 2020

At BioAssays we are very interested in attracting talent and experience in Biotechnology, so we have requested funding from “Torres-Quevedo” Program, ...


Arquimea Medical (Alianza Covid-19) launches a blood sampling system compatible with ELISA for COVID-19

20 July 2020

Arquimea Medical, “Alianza Covid-19” leader, launches an innovative system for the collection and storage of blood samples validated by BioAssays, 100...

Currently, BioAssays is collaborating with research labs of the following institutions:

For any additional information or proposal about BioAssays available services, please, feel free to contact us:

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