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Hombiocat project

BioAssays take part in the Hombiocat project for the development of biocatalytic systems packed in solid-phase for the synthesis of ω-amino acids from renewable feedstocks.

Chemical synthesis catalysed by enzymes (proteins with catalytic activity) is contributing to establish a modern chemistry supported on cleaner, faster and safer reactions.

This innovative platform will allow the development of modular, multi-enzyme, self-assembling, reusable and easily scalable systems. The use of protein scaffolds ensures the hierarchical and spatial organization of enzymatic reactions.

Furthermore, this system is easily customizable to adjust to the production of any biocatalytic system that can be divided into sequential series of enzymatic reactions, from diverse renewable or waste organic compounds.

Development of this innovative tool can be possible by combining different Molecular Biology techniques such as protein engineering, surface chemistry and protein immobilization tools.

At BioAssays, we believe that this project will have a remarkable positive impact on the spirit of transforming the global fossil fuel dependent economy to a new sustainable one based on biological processes. It will be a great improvement over current chemical synthesis, reducing energy consumption and polluting waste generation.





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Project funded by CDTI as national agent of the European Commission for the EraNet Co-Biotech Programme. Project reference: SERA-20181026 (Horizon 2020).