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BioAssays quality policy

BioAssays has been accredited with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certificate issued by RINA.





The Executive Management defines and participates in the Quality Policy of BioAssays, a company focused on the design, development and prototyping of new in vitro diagnostic systems; provision of research services and involvement in public and private research proyects based on molecular techniques.

BioAssays is committed to adhere this Quality Policy established according to the following terms:




Make Quality at BioAssays a hallmark of our company in all activities carried out.


Establish a systematization, documentation and periodic review of our processes to ensure the achievements of our objectives, the homogeneity of our processes and the quality of our services.


Execute a continuous improvement of the Quality Management System putting all the means within our reach to maintain ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certificate.


Comply with relevant laws, policies and applicable regulations to in vitro diagnostic products.


Comply with customer requirements in all aspects manageable by Molecular Biology techniques.


Punctual delivery of contracted services along with a detailed report that includes all the information related to the service execution specifying the steps taken, the setbacks, in any, and how they have been solved.


Promote R+D+i as a competitive strategy, motivating and encouraging all employees to participate in this activity.


Innovation and continuous improvement of all the activities carried out by BioAssays.


Implementation of new technologies developed in Molecular Biology area that are accessible and can improve the capacity and competence of BioAssays to maintain excellence in this area.


Engage all levels and staff in the Quality Management System through motivation, communication and training.


Involvement of all staff to maintain objectivity in evaluations issued on the obtained results to avoid bias.


Continuous training of research staff to ensure adequate technical competence required to carry out routine techniques in BioAssays as well as in new Molecular Biology technologies adopted by BioAssays.


Protect and defend intellectual property developed at BioAssays through patents, non-disclosure agreements (NDA) and other legal mechanisms.


Ensure periodic review, control and efficacy of Quality Management System.



All staff are aware of the importance of their work to achieve these objectives included in our Quality Management System objectives, which is declared mandatory.